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Directory and Blog Submission

Do you want to improve the inbound traffic in your website? Then directory and blog submission is a good option for you. What happens when you submit your website or your blog to a directory? It means that your site will be easier to find, because it will appear in higher ranks during search engine results.

You can submit your sites in different directories. The directories will list your blog as one of their links, and thus appear during search engine searches. It can help increase the inbound traffic or the clicks of your website. It can help popularize your blog or your website. If it is a commercial site, then it would help popularize your product or services offered.

Directory and blog submission can be done manually, or you can hire companies and professionals to do it for you. There are different websites all over the internet which offer to assist you in submitting your blogs to directories or to link them to other sites.

This process is often called link building or link popularity. You are going to increase your inbound links by exchanging or establishing links with other websites. The more web pages and websites that are linked to your page, the higher your rank will be in different search engines. Directory and blog submission is similar to search engine submission where in you, or your webmaster submits your site to a specific search engine. In this case, it is submitted to directories and other blogs or blog hosts. When your website is submitted to either of the following: search engine, a directory or a blog, when other people search for topics which can be found in your site, your website will appear as one of the hits in the search results. The hits are ranked based on their popularity. The popularity refers to how many websites have made you a link.

In the case of search engine submissions, it is now deemed unnecessary. Why is that so? It is because the biggest and most popular search engines nowadays like Google, Yahoo, Ask.com and MSN have spiders, crawlers and bots that do the searching of new websites. Even if you do not enlist, your website will be listed in the search results already.

Also, you would want your site to be known and visible despite the thousands of sites all over the internet, right? So this is one way to advertise your website.