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Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission, as the term suggests, is the process by which a website is submitted directly to a search engine by a webmaster. Why submit your website to search engines? Well, it has been believed that search engine submission will help you promote your website. This is not always the case. There are two primary reasons why people do search engine submission. The first reason is that, your website is new and you would not want to wait for search engines to discover that site. The second is reason is for you to be able to update a certain website in that given search engine. It is important to note that major search engines like MSN, Google and Yahoo use crawlers, bots and spiders that do the finding of the websites for them, all over the internet. So even though you do not submit your website directly to search engines, the spiders, bots and crawlers may find their way to your website by themselves.

How do you submit a website to a search engine? Well, one option is for you, or for the webmaster to submit one web page at a time. Another option is to submit the entire site all together, which you can do using a site map. To make things easier, you can opt submit only the homepage of your site. From the homepage, the spiders, bots and crawlers will be the one to discover all the other parts of your website.

Why do people or businesses want to submit their websites to search engines? This is because they would want to belong to the top ten listing in the search results. The higher your ranking is, it is believed that your site provides quality information, and thus it will be visited by the person who used the search engine. For your rank to be higher, you need to undergo a search engine optimization. Search engine optimization has different variables in play. You need to edit your website's content as well as your HTML coding. Your site needs a number of desirable keywords which can be tracked by search engines.

According to experts, search engine submission is unnecessary given this day and age. The "big four" search engines, Yahoo, Google, Microsoft Live and Ask.com does the discovery of new websites on their own. It is just important to make sure that your site has no dead links and that it looks professional enough.